Family Ministries Musings

Lifting Families’ Arms In a Time of Pandemic
July 22, 2020

DALLAS – The Southwest Region Family Ministries department has responded to the coronavirus COVID-19 times we are living in, so that families can base their living on Christ the solid rock. Wilma Lee, Family Ministries Co-director, has edited newsletters called “Family Ministries Musings” to provide to families of our conference churches. We addressed families with the message sent to them electronically. The Word of God is full of promises that provide us with feelings of safety and well-being. Even in the midst of troubled environments, all of us are experiencing some very challenging times, but as family ministries leaders, we would like to be Aaron and Hur, lifting families’ arms with comfort and encouragement. It is time to claim those promises of God on behalf of our families.

Many families nestled or safely isolated themselves in homes while schools closed. During this time, churches were not open for worship and fellowship. Simply being family was challenging at times. We want to provide families with support while developing a safe and healthy home life under these challenging situations, but we also want to provide them with some resources for their use.

First, God tells us in Deuteronomy 6 that parents are expected to lead children to understand what God’s plans for their lives are, and nurture and lead them by parents’ behaviors of faith and assurance that God is in control. “Perfect love drives out fear.” I John 4:18. What an opportunity we have to reset the family altar with spiritual life unfolded, through periods of worship, conversation, and times of sharing their stories of how God has kept them in the past and into the present. Children need to experience their parents’ faith in God.

If times of worship have not been the pattern in parents’ homes, we included resources to share with family members, both younger and those growing, developing into teens. This is a time for parents to create balance and structure, which will provide a sense of security and well-being for the family. Parents, it’s time to step up to the plate as partners. Single-parent families, rest assured that Jesus Christ Himself, through the power of the Holy Spirit, partners with you in creating a spiritual, safe and healthy environment during this time of unrest in the world around you. In John 14:1, Jesus reassures us, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me.” 

By W.S. and Wilma Lee 

Family Ministries Directors