Following a Dream

Letting God Lead to Find the Truth
December 5, 2019

FORT WORTH, TEX. – As a Bible worker and the southeast quadrant leader for the Texas Conference evangelism initiative “Multiply Tarrant County” in Fort Worth, Tex., I studied with Quinneth Anthony.

I remember Anthony sharing that God revealed to her through a dream that she was to go to the Mansfield Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mansfield, Tex.

As we continued studying the Bible, it was evident that her desire to commit to God was incredible and inspiring.

We continued the Bible studies and she was convicted of the Bible truths. Anthony was baptized in June of 2019 by Sean Harris (left), pastor of the Mansfield church.

It’s so beautiful to see people coming to Christ and making that decision through baptism.

For me, what is more incredible is seeing Anthony continue to grow as a follower of Christ, a disciple and a leader for the next person.

By Erick Alvarez