Following God’s Lead in Food Ministry

December 18, 2023

AUSTIN – When God led me with my wife to leave my leadership position with my former Sunday church in 2015, I lost fellowship, hundreds of friends and even some close family for a time.
In those early days of our transition, the Lord connected us with a local food ministry. These were Sunday Christians, but they served the needy on Saturday, so it was a good fit for us, schedule-wise. I got a taste of how easy it can be to make a difference with many people on a regular basis.
I also saw how it met the needs of those who serve as an outlet for the love and truth that has been imparted to us over the years. It is so rewarding to give someone that “cup of cold water” or “something to eat” that Jesus talks about.
Eight years later, as members of the Austin Stonehill Seventh-day Adventist Church, we serve more than 200 tacos and distribute clothing, hygiene items, glow tracts and copies of The Great Controversy to the homeless in Austin at the “Church Under the Bridge.” It is located at I-35 and 7th Street in downtown Austin, across from the police station. Area churches have been serving the homeless there for 30 years.
We often play worship music to block the noise from the interstate. If we forget to turn the music on, the homeless remind us!
One of my favorite things about this ministry is seeing all the area churches serving together. That, and the kids. Kids seem to get a taste for this and bring their parents back.
This ministry means a lot to the homeless. They appreciate knowing someone cares for them.

By Lynn Derrick