Fondren Church Celebrates Pastor’s First Anniversary

October 24, 2023

HOUSTON – Since April 24, 2021, when the former pastoral team answered the call to serve elsewhere in the vineyard, the Fondren Seventh-day Adventist Church had not had a permanent pastor. In September of 2021, Carlton Byrd, the newly elected president of the Southwest Region Conference (SWRC) and former Breath of Life television director and speaker, became the interim pastor at the Fondren church. Through an evangelistic Houston-area crusade, the church’s membership continued to grow and even witnessed the complete renovation of its multipurpose hall.

Then, it happened. On May 24, 2022, the SWRC Executive Committee voted to assign Mackenzie Kambizi to pastoral leadership at the Fondren church. Byrd further extended grace by officially installing Kambizi, on Saturday, July 9. This celebration was attended by many including Edson Joseph and his wife, pastor of New Life Seventh-day Adventist Church; Willie S. Lee and his wife, of SWRC Family Life Ministries and pastor, Frank Williams. Also, in attendance was Missouri City Mayor Robin Elackatt who is very much aware of the role that the Fondren church plays in the community.

On Sabbath, July 8, 2023, the Fondren church commemorated the first anniversary of Kambizi and his wife, Carol Kambizi, into its fellowship. Over the past year, Kambizi has revived spiritual energy and vision in the membership through many high-spirited ministry events which have included High-Impact weekends, Tuesday evening Recharge services and two ten-day revivals. His efforts have also included faith-based initiative programs as well as encouraging spiritual and leadership growth among the youth, adults and seniors through the Youth Week of Prayer, a 21-Day Prayer and Fast, as well as most recently, a 40 Days of Prayer session. To add to the Sabbath celebration, a video message from Byrd was broadcast, thanking Kambizi and his wife, Carol, and the Fondren church for their leadership, service and faithfulness to the mission. Byrd also expressed God’s grace that has blessed Kambizi with amazing gifts through which he ministers in anticipation of great things to come.

As the Fondren membership and community continue to work in harmony with God’s vision and plans through this anointed family, they are in anticipation of growing to higher levels of ministry and community service all to the glory of God.

By Cheryl Harris