Four Journeys

Moore Church Baptizes Four
February 27, 2019

MOORE, OKLA. – The Moore Seventh-day Adventist Church has been blessed as they have seen God working in people’s lives through various ministries taking place at the church. This past fall, the Moore church rejoiced with heaven as they witnessed four baptized.

Brianda Duque grew up in another denomination, but had fond memories of attending an Adventist church with a friend as a child. As she grew up, Duque stopped attending and became disconnected with the church. After getting married and having children, however, Duque was convicted that going to church should be part of raising her kids. She decided to look for an Adventist church and found her way to the Moore church. Brianda and her husband, Roberto, were baptized together and attend regularly with the whole family.

Elenita Paras-Garrett recently moved to Oklahoma from the Philippines. She started coming to church after attending a family life evangelism program at the Moore church called "Growing Strong Families." She had a deep desire to learn more about how to work better with her own family. Eventually, Elenita took Bible studies and was baptized. She is now very involved in the church and can testify that by God’s grace, her family home life has improved.

Diana Price-Nelson had been studying the Bible on her own. One Friday evening she was watching a sermon on TV and she learned about the Sabbath. The next day, Sabbath morning, she visited the Moore church. After studying deeper into the Word regularly every Sabbath, she was baptized.

By Daniel Ortega, Communication Director