From Tulsa to Portland

Young People Join Ten-week Youth Rush Summer Program
August 15, 2019

TULSA, OKLA. – Anna Judith, Itzury and Paulina, three young ladies from the Tulsa area, made a commitment to dedicate their summer and join 15 other young adults for the Youth Rush in Portland, Ore.

What is Youth Rush? Youth Rush may be more widely known as literature evangelism, Magabooks, canvassing or colporteuring. Youth Rush is putting a new face on one of our churches most long-standing ministries. Now a youth-led, student-oriented ministry, Youth Rush offers students the opportunity to share their faith while earning money for their education.

In this ten-week summer program students ages,16-25 work together, worship together, grow together and have fun together. Highly-trained team leaders offer training and supervision.

Students participate in all the aspects of the program, including music, food preparation, inventory or other duties as needed. Most importantly, participants are invigorated spiritually as they experience the joy of service and the blessing that comes from literature evangelism.

Both parents and church leaders look forward to these young ladies’ testimonies and stories of how this ministry has impacted not just the lives of those whom they connected with, but their very own.

By Samuel Ruiz