Fulfilling the Vision and Mission

Reaching the Hispanic Community
June 2, 2018

Alvarado » The Hispanic Ministries Department of the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists carries out a work of coordination from the administration and all the departments of our conference towards the Hispanic congregations and population. It is not only to adapt all initiatives, events, and training to the Spanish language, but to also facilitate the adaptation of our mission and vision to the Hispanic culture and its needs.

We strive to train and equip our lay members in all areas of church ministries and provide the resources and tools necessary for their effective ministry in their communities. Evangelism focuses on facilitating the fulfillment of the mission and favoring the distribution of funds to increase the kingdom of God by preparing ourselves and preparing others for His glorious coming.

The department serves more than 26,000 members in 138 churches and companies, and coordinates our tasks with the support and dedication of a wonderful team of 76 pastors, eight Bible workers and three seminary students. We coordinate the hiring of these pastors and Bible instructors, process district and pastoral transitions, and facilitate the placement of assigned pastors in their districts.

Through God’s leading and the teamwork developed with pastors and members, we prepare and coordinate four significant and impactful events each year: Metropolitan Evangelism projects MÁSesperanza - Keene/Fort Worth (April 14-28), San Antonio (Oct. 13-27); the annual evangelism training - January through March; Elders Encounter - Valley (May 19), Austin and San Antonio (June 2), Dallas and Fort Worth (June 9), East Texas (June 10), Houston (June 23); and training of church department leaders, deacons and deaconesses - San Antonio (Aug. 4), Houston (Aug. 11), Dallas/Fort Worth (Aug. 18), Austin (Aug. 25), Valley (Sept. 9).

Other events include the Southwestern Union Women’s Retreat (Aug. 10-12); the Spanish Men’s Retreat (Oct. 12-14); the East Texas Convocation (Nov. 30-Dec. 1) and the Southwest Texas Convocation (Dec. 7-8). These events seek to increase our connection with others and deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ.

The team includes Osvaldo Rigacci (top left), Director; Ismael Castillo (bottom right), Associate Director; Rubén Bullón (bottom left), Evangelist; and Esther Rendón, Administrative Assistant.