GenHER Discovery Days

Alumna Inspires Internship Opportunities
February 25, 2019

KEENE, TEX. – This summer, Southwestern Adventist University sponsored 10 female students to attend GenHERation Discovery Days in Dallas. GenHERation is a network that trains young women and connects them with industry leaders. Students attended panels, toured headquarters, and met with female leaders from Ernst & Young, Southwest Airlines, Pizza Hut and JCPenney.

“Attending events like GenHERation provides broader perspective for students,” says Ana Patterson, business department chair. “It specifically provides women with mentoring relationships and a different view of the role women play in organizations and corporations. It helps them look at their future in a different light.” Patterson learned about GenHERation from alumni Heidi Dart, communications, class of 2018.

When Dart began her senior year at Southwestern, she was concerned about her career prospects because she hadn’t yet had an internship. Dart then discovered GenHERation. The company connected Dart with people who took an interest in her success. She found mentors, friends, and then, as a result of her connections and hard work, was offered a job at Southwest Airlines. In addition, she was offered a job at FaithSearch Partners.

Now, Dart is working for FaithSearch Partners, where she uses skills learned from GenHERation everyday. She reached out to Southwestern to encourage a relationship with GenHERation. As a result, many Southwestern students will benefit from empowering connections and job training.

“I am extremely grateful that Southwestern has made it possible to enjoy and engage in programs like GenHERation,” says Sharné Lazarus, junior international business major. “It allows us to have the ability to connect with people in the workforce. It’s always a blessing and opportunity to know people who are constantly encouraging and mentoring you to take bigger steps and to build your career.”

At the GenHERation event, speakers shared advice about how to get a job, such as tips for good resumè writing, networking, and job interviewing. Students were encouraged to work hard to find a job they are passionate about, even if it takes time.

“I learned that I don’t have to have it all figured out right now,” says Eva Wong, education and psychology student.

Discovery Days was just the beginning of a relationship between Southwestern and GenHERation. This year, GenHERation is hosting an event on campus. In addition, Southwestern plans to sponsor students to attend other GenHERation events, such as a recent half-day tour of Southwest Airlines.

By Makala James, SWAU ‘15