Global Youth Day

June 30, 2023

TULSA, OKLA. – Recently, the Adventist Church celebrated its annual Global Youth Day on March 18, 2023. This year’s theme was “Love is a Verb,” and it was an opportunity for youth to serve their communities in tangible ways. 

Two Tulsa groups stepped up to the challenge and put their faith into action. The first group was from the Zomi Church. Their youth group gathered at a local nursing home and sang songs of praise, bringing joy and smiles to the residents. After the uplifting performance, the group ended the day by making 100 bags full of toiletries and sandwiches for the homeless. This gesture of generosity was a tangible way of showing the love of Jesus to those in need.

The second group was made up of two churches, Central Tulsa Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church and Independence Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church. The church program was directed by the young people who led Sabbath school, skits and the church service. They shared lunch together, and then 80 youth went out to knock on doors. The group distributed 200 bags with books and a card for people to return by postal mail. They finished the day at Tulsa Adventist Academy with food and social games for the community. This was another way of showing the love of Jesus to those around them

Global Youth Day is a special time to remind us of the importance of serving our community, and we’re encouraged to see so many young people eager to serve. 

By Leonardo Castillo