God Heals A Marriage Through Seasons of Grace

June 11, 2024

TEXAS CITY, TEX. – In February of 2024, things in our marriage had become extremely difficult. Convinced that the marriage had run its course and was over, my husband and I separated after 24 years of marriage. I left and moved to another city without telling him where I would be. I changed my phone number and blocked him from all social media.

After two weeks, I realized my husband had been trying to reach me. He wanted to apologize and speak about what we could do to salvage the marriage as we both still were very much in love. We had allowed hurt feelings, anger, sadness, loss and simple feelings of being rejected and ignored take over both of us. 

As we spoke that day, he explained that he had been going to the Mainland Seventh-day Adventist Church every night to attend a revival, the “Seasons of Grace Evangelistic Series.” He also went on to explain that while he was at a Walmart parking lot, he was approached by a man and a woman who spoke to him about what God had just revealed to them about him and what he was going through. I was excited to get home and go to the end of the revival with him. I drove home the next morning and we went to the meeting that evening together. 

It was then, in that meeting, that God began speaking to both of us directly. God is a good God, and He loves us more than we can ever imagine! He saved our marriage and helped us get through some difficult issues. Without the Lord, our marriage would not have survived—or become better than before. All praises to the Only One who makes all things possible!

Editor’s note: Gregory and Beverly Richards surrendered their lives and marriage to Jesus and were baptized at the end of the series.

By Beverly Richard