Good Stewardship

Four Symposiums on Stewardship Planned for 2020
December 5, 2019

BURLESON , TEX. – “What is stewardship, and how does it relate to me, my community and to my church? Many members aren’t really sure,” says Elton DeMoraes, Southwestern Union vice president for church ministries.

In 2020, DeMoraes has planned for four opportunities for members in the Southwestern Union to learn and discuss what stewardship is all about. These meetings will take place across the Southwestern Union territory in Albuquerque, Dallas, New Orleans and Oklahoma City.

“We hope that this will be a starting point to learn about a lifestyle of good. This symposium is designed for all who are ready to make a difference in the Kingdom of God by becoming sound in what the Bible teaches about finance.

Attendees will gain a biblical view of financial stewardship, discuss and receive practical ideas to help them get their finances in order and be equipped to help others with practical application in the local church,” says DeMoraes.

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