Grandview Club Ministries Starts Strong

April 10, 2024

GRANDVIEW, TEX. – The Grandview Lions became the Keene/Fort Worth area’s newest Pathfinder and Adventurer clubs when they formed in February 2023 at the Grandview Seventh-day Adventist church with six Pathfinders and six Adventurers under the direction of Anya McChesney, with assistance from Glenda Simpson and Diana Cavender.

“We received great advice from the Keene Seventh-day Adventist Church Rocketeers,” McChesney noted. “‘Meet even if only one child shows up.’ We remembered this when only one child showed up, and it encouraged us to keep pressing forward.”

The Pathfinder club hit the ground running (quite literally), with club members participating as runners in the Pathfinder Bible Experience at the Crowley Seventh-day Adventist Church. They also earned honors at the Pathfinder Honor’s Day at the Fort Worth First Seventh-day Adventist Church. Other activities included a camporee practice day at the Alvarado Seventh-day Adventist Church, the Texas Conference Pathfinder Camporee at Lake Whitney Ranch in Clifton, Tex. and an Area-wide Boot Camp at the Keene Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

The Adventurer club participated in the Adventurer Awards Day and the Keene Spanish Family Fun Day at the Southwestern Union in Burleson, Tex. and the Texas Conference Adventurer Family Camp at Lake Whitney Ranch. 

An induction ceremony for the clubs was held on June 10, 2023. Jeremy Short, associate coordinator for Pathfinders for the Keene/Fort Worth area, distributed honors during the event at the Grandview church. Despite being new and a small group, the Grandview Lions were recognized as the most active club, attending all Pathfinder and Adventurer events.

“Just because a club is small doesn’t mean it cannot succeed,” McChesney stated. “We have seen God’s miracles every step of the way.”

All the Grandview Lions Pathfinder club members earned honors in pizza making and scrapbooking. Those who attended the Pathfinder Honor’s Day had the opportunity to earn honors in Red Alert, Poetry, Songwriting, Spiders, Poultry and Lashing. 

Grandview Lions Adventurer club members earned the Woolly Labs Star, Little Boy Jesus Star, Healthy Foods Star, Women of the Bible Awards and Dogs Award. Some members also received awards in Photography, Jump Roping, Farming, Four Seasons and more.

“I am praying that the Pathfinder and Adventurer clubs strengthen the families of those involved,” McChesney said. “I also hope the children will grow closer to God and will be able to identify their skills and talents to serve Him.”

By Jhan Beaupre