Healthy Bodies, Healthy Finances, Healthy Church

August 21, 2023

ARLINGTON, TEX. – We live in a world that is a bit turbulent, and we tend to forget about our physical and emotional well-being, and many times even our spiritual well-being. Yet these are important to live a full and whole life in Jesus Christ. For that reason, the Ebenezer Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church in Arlington, Tex., saw the need to hold a health fair and provide the community with knowledge, tools and resources to help improve their quality of life. 

One of the main objectives was to promote physical health and self-care. The health fair provided exams such as vitals, glucose, medical and dental consultations, nutrition talks, healthy cooking presentations and a healthy finances presentation, all free of charge. Laboratory exams were offered at a minimum cost. Awareness was created of the importance of taking care of our bodies as we emphasized that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and that we are created in the image and likeness of God.

Our children’s ministries department was actively involved as they taught children the eight natural remedies through activities, arts and crafts, mini-talks, interesting facts and storytelling. These encouraged them to seek a good physical, mental and spiritual balance and achieve a healthy and whole life. 

We also enjoyed enrichment talks on healthy finances which helped us realize that many times we live only to spend money and forget about tomorrow. The finance talks, which started on the day of the health fair and continued through the week, taught us how to have a stable personal economy, our savings potential and how to prepare for the future in the best way possible—free of debt! It is hard work that requires discipline, but with Jesus, everything is possible!

The event was a one-of-a-kind experience. We are grateful to God for the opportunity to reach and learn with the community and thank all the members who gave of themselves and their time. 

By Pamela Polanco