Houston Fall Revival Reaches Dallas Couple

March 1, 2022

DALLAS – Three of the four essential areas of emphasis of the Southwest Region Conference are public evangelism, media and digital ministry and youth and young adults. These three areas of emphasis create the perfect blend for building the Kingdom of God in this present age. From Oct. 23-Nov. 6, 2021, Carlton P. Byrd, D.Min., Southwest Region Conference president, conducted “The Future Is Now” Fall Revival in Houston, Tex.

The services were viewed by thousands on various media platforms. Among those viewing the services online was Taylor Radcliff of Dallas, Tex. She was so moved and inspired by the preached word that she invited her boyfriend, Quinn Sutton, to view the nightly programming with her. They were both so inspired by the Holy Spirit, particularly with the presentation of the sermon on the mark of the Beast, that they invited Quinn’s parents to view some of the previously presented sermons in the series. They too, were blessed by the preaching of the gospel while viewing online.

At the conclusion of the revival, over 150 individuals onsite at World Harvest Outreach Seventh-day Adventist Church in Houston made the decision to be baptized and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Radcliff was so excited to receive the truth that she wanted to drive from Dallas to Houston to be a part of the big baptism at World Harvest Outreach Center. Circumstances did not allow for her to make the trip. However, her dad, Johnny Young, who serves as an elder at the Dallas City Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church in Dallas, shared with her that while it was not possible to be baptized at the conclusion of the revival in Houston, she could still be baptized at City Temple church. The pastoral staff was contacted and the preparation for her baptism was made. On Dec. 4, 2021, Taylor and her boyfriend, Quinn, were both baptized and became members of the Dallas City Temple church family. We praise God for the moving of His Spirit through the perfect blend of public evangelism, digital and media ministry and for the impact it made in the lives of these two young adults.

By Tyrone Douglas, Pastor