I Will Go

Oklahoma Families Attend Spanish Camp Meeting
October 27, 2021

WEWOKA, OKLA. – The sunny days and high temperatures of this summer were no obstacle for the families of the Oklahoma Conference who declared “I Will Go” to the Spanish camp meeting which was held from July 23-25, 2021. We were richly blessed by the messages from José Pagán, Keene Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church pastor, and by his altar calls to surrender our lives to God and to allow the Holy Spirit the opportunity to do the work of reconsecrating our lives. Three lives sealed their pact with heaven through baptism. 

More than 200 youth met with Paulo Tenorio, Texas Conference youth and club ministries director, who motivated them to serve and have a personal encounter with Jesus. The children were an important part of the services, both with assisting but also with the message that we have a great future ahead of us. Our guest singer, Felipe Garibo, called us to God through special music and a very spiritual concert. The central part of our camp this year was the “passion play.” Different scenes were represented by different churches. It dramatized the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and the hope of seeing His return in glory.

We thank God for the privilege that He gave us to present this program to around 1,200 people who accompanied us. We hope that, if it is His will, in 2022 we will be able to have a similar experience where we can marvel at His great love and find strength in the surety of His promise: “Behold, I am coming quickly...” Revelation 22:7.

By Luis Prieto, Hispanic Ministries Coordinator