Impressed to Enroll

Brenda Brightman Joins Southwestern
February 27, 2019

KEENE, TEX. – Hina Paracha, a nursing student at Southwestern Adventist University, wanted Brenda Brightman to see a video on YouTube of a past nursing pinning ceremony at Southwestern. The video impressed Brightman and she was especially touched by the presentation of Russ Laughlin, vice president for Spiritual Development. She soon realized that “this university understood what it is like to have God as the center of everything,” and she enrolled.  “I am blessed to be here.”

Brightman, a student and a mom, is constantly challenged by time management, but says she is blessed by a supportive husband and parents. She has a personal goal to start her own non-profit organization to help the less fortunate. “I want to share God’s love,” she says.

“Hearing stories like Brenda’s demonstrates the reason why we exist and demonstrates the value of a faith-based educational experience,” says Ken Shaw, university president. For a visual perspective of the university's impact, visit

By Glen Robinson