It’s Almost Midnight

Let’s Go Tell the World
May 7, 2020

Houston – An amazing worship experience and spiritual restoration! That is what we experienced at the Southwest Region Conference Women’s Ministries sponsored Hispanic prayer summit held at the Central Regional Spanish Church on the weekend of Jan. 31 and Feb. 1. 

We were greatly blessed from the moment we walked in the door as we were greeted by ushers dressed as angels who helped create a heavenly atmosphere.

Our speakers, Adly Campos and Leslie Soupet, as well as singer Ysis España, were anointed by the Holy Spirit as they shared the Word of God. Women from all over our Conference came together to participate in the event.

We were awakened to embrace the mission that God has commissioned to each and every Seventh-day Adventist Christian. 

We have a holy message to share with those God wants to take home and it is our duty as children of God to reach out to those who have not yet heard or accepted His true message. 

We need to be filled with His Holy Spirit so we can go out and preach about His Love and soon coming. Time is running out. We are seeing many signs of His soon coming and we cannot stay with crossed arms. We must go out and tell the world.

The messages received were powerful. The praise and worship was a great blessing. We ended our Sabbath with a grand finale as we made a personal commitment with the Lord and worshiped together singing the “Midnight Cry” and “Go Light Your World.” 

By Ana Acosta, Hispanic 

Women’s Ministries Coordinator