Jehovah’s Jewels

June 30, 2023

ATHENS, TEX. – “More Precious Than Rubies” was the theme of the weekend retreat at Lone Star Camp for our girls ages 10-19. The Women’s Ministries Coordinator Anysia Archibald was blessed with an awesome vision for this young group. With that vision and God’s blessing, she rallied her faithful team of inspiring sisters, and the vision was made sight on April 14-16, 2023.

The excitement was contagious as the young ladies led out with praise and worship along with prayer and a devotional thought for the opening program Friday night. 

Sabbath morning service was highlighted with a word from Janae Blackwood on the unique qualities of rubies and how it parallels the character of a virtuous woman. She is still in high school, but the message was full of spiritual meat, and her delivery was riveting and firm. The special music from the praise team was led by Melodi Moline. 

Throughout the Sabbath, the young women were divided into groups according to their ages. Their presenters were Leslie Soupet, Linda Penick and Lulu Kottonya, who is the children’s ministries assistant coordinator. 

The attendees participated in “Helping Hands” by assembling packages for the homeless. They spent time in the prayer experience stations, and they also paired off into groups asking God for specific blessings in their lives. 

The retreat included sessions for the parents who stayed for the weekend. Led by Audra Turner Holt, they were charged with being more intentional and diligent in grooming their daughters for the world outside of home. 

LeShel Taylor packed Sabbath afternoon with fun team-building games and projects. The “Cook It, Eat It” class, led by Syliva Weech, was fun, tasty and easy. 

A hangout time after sunset was complete with beauty tips and facials led by Raquel Del Orbe, as well as volleyball, games and tons of laughs.

The weekend wrapped up with another beautiful devotion and a great brunch. Weech led out again with a sewing class in which the girls made their own purses. 

At the close of the retreat, the attendees were recharged, energized and spiritually stronger. We look forward to the next time when God’s daughters can empower our precious jewels and one day present them to Jehovah as bright gems in His crown.

By Audra Holt