KAES Goes to Camp

December 18, 2023

CLIFTON, TEX. – Keene Adventist Elementary School (KAES) sixth and seventh-grade students boarded a bus for Lake Whitney Ranch (LWR) in Clifton, Tex., this past fall. Leaving their swimsuits and sunglasses at home, they opted for work gloves and safety goggles. Embracing this year’s KAES spiritual theme of service, they were headed to LWR to volunteer their time for projects around the ranch.

“Community service not only builds character but also cultivates a sense of responsibility and empathy,” shared Todd Coulter, KAES principal. “Serving at Lake Whitney Ranch is great because kids will be able to continue to see the impact of their service each year they return to [the ranch].” 

It won’t just be on service days or during summer camp season that the middle schoolers will think of LWR. This year, the offerings collected during Friday chapel programs will go towards a special project at Lake Whitney Ranch, helping LWR be a light in the heart of Texas!

By Travis Patterson