Keene Bible Schools

A Mission Field Right in Our Hands
June 17, 2019

KEENE, TEX. –  Did you know that the Keene Seventh-day Adventist Church has two Bible schools (New Life and New Discovery) that share the gospel with more than 10,000 students across the country, and has more than 190 teachers that nurture and distribute over 650 lessons each week? The Bible schools represents one of the largest evangelism outreaches operating in Texas. While the principle focus has been prison ministries, there is a trend of other people joining the Bible schools as well.

The Bible schools started in the early 1990s under the leadership of Alice Davis. Her vision for sharing the gospel through Bible lessons and Bible study started in her house and has since grown to its own building just a couple of blocks from the Keene church.  

The Bible schools offer more than 529 complimentary lessons across a set of 20 series and are available in both English and Spanish.

In January, the Keene Bible Schools launched a new class that allows for inmates to study for baptism and church membership as members of the Texas Prison Company of Seventh-day Adventists. This includes an official Texas Conference Baptismal Certificate. This baptismal class allows participants to study for baptism via correspondence with a mentor for each baptismal candidate. We are excited that around 10 people to date have joined the baptismal class, and we are praying that more will join and be baptized as well.

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By Rick Weaver