La Voz de La Esperanza

Evangelistic Meetings End with Special Celebration
February 28, 2019

ALBUQUERQUE – The North Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church had many reasons to celebrate as they closed out 2018. On the evening of Dec. 8, a young couple got married and four young individuals entered the baptismal waters. The wedding and baptisms were the fruit of a week-long evangelism series that featured Omar Grieve, pastor and director of “La Voz de la Esperanza” (The Voice of Hope), as the main speaker.

Obed Bojorquez, Carlos Alvarez, Lesley Nava and Jared Hernandez attended the evangelistic meetings throughout the week and were among those who got baptized on the last night of the meetings. Emanuel Morales and Sylvia Meraz also made their decision to give their lives to Christ.

Now newlyweds, Myra and Eddie Lira had planned to get married at the North Valley church in 2019, but after hearing Grieve’s powerful messages, they didn’t want to pass on the special opportunity and asked him to marry them. The wedding was planned in two days and took place following the baptisms on the final night.

“It was a day full of joy and spiritual feasting,” said Aron Monge, head elder of the church. “Watching young people commit their lives to Christ and commit to each other before the eyes of God is always a blessing.”

Throughout 2018, members of the North Valley church reached out to their community to prepare for the meetings. They produced radio ads and participated in Bible studies with lessons provided by “La Voz de la Esperanza.”

“I was impressed by the work that was done ahead of these meetings,” said Omar Grieve. “They prepared the field well; they were like bees from a hive. Everyone worked hard and worked together.”

North Valley members are overjoyed to have these young people as new members and they intend to support and nurture these young individuals, so they can continue to grow in Christ. Now moving forward, North Valley members are preparing for more baptisms and members are conducting follow-up Bible studies.

“Prayers have good answers,” said Grieve. “Praise God that during these meetings the answers were souls for Christ!”

By Debbie Marquez, Communication Director