Making the Impossible, Possible

December 31, 2021

When Sarah heard about a Seventh-day Adventist school in her area, she was determined to go. Completing the online application that day, she was excited to receive an acceptance letter via email. With school starting in less than two weeks, the school business manager saw that finances would be a challenge for Sarah’s family. Thankfully, anonymous donors were willing to make up the difference that the church, school and family were not able to pay.

The expression “it takes a village” certainly applies to Adventist education. Between the church, home and school, we have to work together to raise a generation prepared for success in this life as well as eternity.

It is an indescribable feeling to visit the campuses and see students develop personal relationships with Jesus. From pastors giving Bible studies to teachers exemplifying Christ-like behavior, the spiritual focus is second to none.

Miracle stories are heartwarming, and there are many of them. Unfortunately, there are also heartbreaking stories of families who desire to have their children in a Seventh-day Adventist school but don’t think it is financially possible.

Growing up in a single parent home, I know about tough times. I also know that with God, the impossible is possible. My mom had a strong faith and was determined to enroll me in the local Adventist school. Her commitment and dedication were a testament to me that my Adventist education was of high importance, and the sacrifice to make it a reality was a key component to our family life and future.

Now, as the Texas Conference Vice President for Education, I see first-hand the challenges our schools face. Lack of finances is certainly among the chief concerns.

When Kenn Dixon, Texas Conference vice president for Communication and Public Relations, mentioned having a cycling tour to raise awareness and funds for Adventist education, I was all in. I had worked with him on previous cycling tours but I knew that the need and goal, $1.5 million, was even greater for this one.

Virtual options provided the opportunity for anyone to walk, ride or cycle in their own area to raise funds. Reaching the goal would provide scholarships for families needing a little extra financial support.

Sadly, my mother is unable to see the fruits of her determination, but the stars are growing on her crown through each life touched by her story. She wanted the best for every student who passed through the doors of her classroom. It is my honor to continue her legacy and care for our future generations by doing whatever I can to make Adventist education a reality for all who want to experience it.  

Maybe you have a student in your church or neighborhood who could benefit from a Christian education at one of our schools. Reach out to the principal to see if your local “village” could make an eternal difference for a child. 

The Texas Conference’s journey continues with the next Determined Cycling Tour, scheduled for April 3-9, 2022. Experienced cyclists are welcome to join the 400-mile ride from San Antonio to Arlington, Tex. For more information, visit or email Together we can be determined to make an eternal difference for our young people.

By Kisha R. Norris, Texas Conference Vice President for Education