March on New Orleans

Ephesus Speaks Out Against Social Injustices
October 29, 2020

NEW ORLEANS – On July 11, the Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church orchestrated a peaceful local protest in recognition of violence against Black and Brown communities. Ephesus has always stood for socioeconomic issues and refuses to stay silent on matters that affect its community. The community joined the church as Harold Goodloe, pastor, and other leaders peacefully demonstrated from the church to LaSalle Street in New Orleans. A trail of cars with signs followed the march as a police escort led protesters to a park where a rally was held. With COVID-19, the church understood the importance of being safe. Masks were worn, hand sanitizer was distributed and social distancing guidelines were enforced in the outdoor pavilion. Informative speeches from local business leaders, state representatives, district judges and others shared of the work being done within the city to secure equality for Black and Brown communities. The Ephesus church firmly believes that Christians cannot and should not stay silent during times of social and economic injustices. With the help of local communities, many plans are underway for Ephesus to serve. They have taken steps to boost voter registration. They plan to supply financial and family counseling. They plan to provide educational seminars for mentorships and small businesses. Services such as food distribution and health screenings are also in the works. The Ephesus church continues to work towards better advancements for people of color and provide its community with opportunities to excel.

By David Haywood