Marion’s Testimony

Stewardship Is Real! Try It! Prove Him!
October 17, 2018

DALLAS – God has given us the recipe for returning unto Him. God is the owner of everything, even the air we breathe! Knowing this, we return 10 percent as required by the Bible. We have 90 percent left to use as we see fit. But, the offering is the test that shows our love and appreciation to our Creator.

On April 15, I sponsored a table at the Southwest Adventist Junior Academy Gala to raise funds for Student Scholarships. It was a success and many were in attendance. During the Gala, individuals were asked to make donations starting with $1,000. Several hands went up, including mine at $1,000. On April 16, I opened my computer but decided to read emails later. However, I was urged by the Holy Spirit to read the emails and began scrolling.

I noticed an email from one of my creditors and thought they were informing me of my balance. But the email stated, “You are forgiven for the rest of the payments. Please do not send any more checks. Consider the note fully paid off.” The balance owed was $10,000!

I gave $1,000 and God gave me $10,000. Trust God in everything and watch His promises become real to you. This is just one of many incidents in my journey of life.

He returns through health, opportunities, finance, and more. Your testimony is waiting, make it real. Try It! Prove Him! Be a steward today; it is worth it.

By Marion Ricks