Market-Driven Additions

SWAU Adds New Emphases to Existing Programs
August 21, 2020

KEENE, TEX. – The Department of Business Administration at Southwestern Adventist University (SWAU) announces it is adding three emphases to its curriculum beginning January 2021 Human Resources Management, Digital Marketing and Esports and Gaming Administration. 

“The liberal arts preparation that Southwestern provides teaches students to think critically, strategize and operate independently,” Donna Berkner, vice president for academic administration, shares. “These new emphasis areas were selected because they provide a strong and well-rounded knowledge base of business and business concepts that can increase a student’s skills to succeed.”

The human resources management emphasis is designed to prepare business students to coordinate the administrative functions of an organization and hire and train employees, as well as handle disputes within a company. Students will learn and develop specific skills relating to human resources while also receiving a traditional business education.

In the digital marketing emphasis, traditional and digital marketing techniques will both be covered to ensure students are equipped with the most in-demand skills. Students will learn about social media, email marketing and digital analytics. They will learn to apply marketing techniques in this digital age.

The esports and gaming administration emphasis will educate students about the nuances of the gaming industry. Students will learn about the process by which games are made, develop their skills in marketing strategies within the gaming industry and expand their knowledge of the elements that create a successful esports event or league.

Additionally, some of the newer degrees also offered at SWAU include online media, criminal justice and cybersecurity.

The online media emphasis, offered by the Department of Communication, is designed to prepare students who are interested in becoming social media managers, content media specialists or bloggers, just to name a few options. 

The criminal justice emphasis, from the Department of History, prepares students for careers in probation, asset management, crime scene investigation, corporate security, corrections administration, federal protective services, law enforcement and more. 

The cybersecurity emphasis, which is offered by the Department of Computer Science, is particularly timely. There is a growing shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals. Students will earn valuable cybersecurity certifications in addition to this degree.

Ken Shaw, SWAU President, shares that each of these degrees and emphasis areas are meeting today’s market needs with practical knowledge and experiences that will help our students be successful upon graduation. 

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By Brisa Ramirez

Social Media Manager