Media Ministries Innovation

March 1, 2022

ALVARADO, TEX. –  When the 2020 global pandemic required most ministries to figure out a way to share online content, the Lord had already set in motion a studio setup for Texas Conference Communication & Public Relations. 

Camera equipment was ordered at the end of 2019 with the goal of traveling around the conference to share incredible stories from our churches and schools. When travel wasn’t an option, the worship room in the Texas Conference became a recording place to share music and messages online.

Two years later, the Lord is expanding on that dream as the Texas Conference now has a mobile media truck. Kenn Dixon, Texas Conference vice president for Communication & Public Relations, believes the Lord wants us to dream big, especially when it comes to sharing the gospel with those within our conference and around the world.

“The Lord has really blessed me and the Texas Conference,” Dixon shared. “It is amazing to see the time-lapse footage showing the conversion of the worship room to a studio setup. Only with God’s help could we have done that during a pandemic. I have certainly learned a lot in the process.” 

What used to provide worship for up to 50 people, now broadcasts all over the world in both English and Spanish. The mobile media truck will now enable the conference to share programs from other locations.

“Digital evangelism is no longer a buzzword,” Elton DeMoraes, Texas Conference president, shared. “It is the way we need to embrace finishing God’s work. People may not enter our church doors, but they can find hope in God’s word from the programs we share online.”

During the first part of this year, leadership training has taken place virtually in our pastors’ meetings and during our church leadership training events at various locations around the conference. 

“We want every church in the Texas Conference to be actively involved in digital evangelism,” DeMoraes added. “That will mean different things for different churches, but all should be intentional about reaching their community both in person and online.”

The best part of online programming is the reach is huge. Only the Lord knows the seeds it will plant for eternity. We just need to do our part in planting those seeds. View some of the Texas Conference programming at and be a digital evangelist by sharing those programs with others.

By Tamara Michalenko Terry, Communication & Public Relations Associate Director