NAD Appoints Vice Presidents

Calvin Watkins, Sr., Newest Assignment
June 10, 2021

DALLAS – On April 29, 2021, the North American Division Executive Committee convened and elected three vice presidents, two directors, an associate director, Liberty magazine editor and the president of the Guam-Micronesia Mission. These newly appointed leaders will serve until 2025, when the twice-postponed 61st General Conference Session will reconvene in St. Louis, Mo.

As a result of April’s election, Calvin Watkins, Sr., president of the Southwest Region Conference, was chosen to become the Vice President for Evangelism and Regional Liaison. Watkins comes to this position following the 2020 retirement of Alvin Kibble.

A native of Dayton, Ohio, Watkins is a proud product of Christian education and has served for over 40 years in ministry as a pastor, evangelist, departmental director and most recently as a conference president. Throughout his decades of service, he has established more than 17 churches and baptized over 8,000 souls.

By Norman J. Jones, Communication Director