Native Ministries Seminars

Encourages Healthy Living Practices
August 21, 2020

SHAWNEE, OKLA. – A main focus of Native Ministries is to help Native American tribes and others learn healthier living practices. A great tool for this is a program called “Diabetes Undone,” that can reverse Type II diabetes through diet and exercise. The Shawnee Seventh-day Adventist Church was planning a series, sponsored in part by Native Ministries. Pastor Jim Landelius was contacted by Victoria Jernigan, who, along with her husband, a medical professional, present the program as a ministry. 

The series began on Feb. 12 with a lecture. Materials were made available to those who participated, including a workbook, videos, cookbooks and recipes. Sixteen people came each evening, including the Second Chief of the Seminole Nation, Lewis Johnson, as well as an Elder of the Tribe.

Before the lecture, Landelius cooked a simple plant-based meal for guests to sample. Those who were unfamiliar with plant-based whole foods were amazed at how delicious the nutritious dishes were. After a few minutes of exercise, the group learned important health principles to combat and reverse Type II diabetes and better manage Type I.

At the end of the program, all of the participants pledged to make healthier choices and Johnson asked if a program could be done for his nation. As soon as it is safe to do so, Native Ministries will continue its efforts to present this program to the Seminole Nation,
other Native tribes and others in the community.

By Jim Landelius
Native Ministries Director