New Experiences

Oklahoma’s Virtual Camp Meeting and Family Day Camp
August 21, 2020

WEWOKA, OKLA. – The Oklahoma Conference recently completed its 128th Camp Meeting. It was unlike any other. The seats were empty of people; there were no tents, no RVs, no children’s divisions, no ABC, no burger barn. It was very different, but God sent His Holy Spirit to bless the meetings streaming live from our Wewoka Woods auditorium. This year’s theme was “Preparing For His Coming.” 

U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black started us off with a message called “The Cure for a Troubled Mind,” with excellent counsel from God’s word. James Rafferty’s evening series was on how to “abide” in Christ as the end draws near. His morning series was entitled “Coronavirus, a Biblical Perspective.” Buster Swoopes, Jr., from Southwestern Adventist University presented a series on the Three Angels Messages of Revelation 14. It was very Christ-centered. Michael Campbell, also from Southwestern, held a series called “Turning Points,” about key times in Adventist history when God intervened to help move us forward. John Bradshaw, president of It Is Written, had three excellent messages on preparation for Christ’s coming. 

I had the privilege of closing out the meetings with the message “Watch and Be Ready” from Matthew 24 and 25. There were also online meetings for children, youth and young adults put together by our pastors. 

According to our records, we had 2,200 views on livestream and 3,800 on YouTube. We praise the Lord for each one who was able to watch.

Special thanks to the three pastors who worked on the AV/technology aspect. They worked very hard and worked through many issues and a major learning curve. We also appreciate Daniel Ortega and his wife, Yesenia, along with the summer camp staff who organized and ran a special five-day “family day camp,” as well as our camp ranger, Sam and his wife, Laura. The day camp allowed people to visit during the day and experience pool, horseback riding, boating, canoeing, archery, nature classes and crafts. 

Jesus is coming soon. Let’s all get ready for that great day and share Him and the good news with everyone.

By James Shires