New Facility for Alvarado English

April 11, 2023

ALVARADO, TEX. – The Alvarado Seventh-day Adventist Church is ready to build a new facility. It’s been years of design planning and several delays, but God has been answering prayers and opening doors, and now the project is underway! “We are moving in faith, trusting our God that He will help us to succeed,” said Valeri Tchounkovskii, pastor, referring to Nehemiah 2:20.

In 1976, several families from Keene, Tex., started a Sabbath school that eventually formed an official congregation. The slab for a church building was poured in December of 1978, with the fellowship hall added to the new building in 1979. In 1993 there was a desire to have a church school, so the current gym was built for that purpose. 

One of the founding members, Jean Bruce, said, “I am so excited to see how this church has grown and am looking forward to the much-needed new facility.” It will have a seating capacity of 200 that will be built between the existing old church building and the gym. 

Don Bowersox, building committee chair, stated, “We look forward to working with Maranatha Volunteers International, who will help us frame the structure May 14-28, 2023. They asked us to assemble a team of skilled volunteers, so we are appealing to anyone who would want to help!

In addition to prayers and financial support, volunteers are needed to help with the food, as three meals a day will be offered to the volunteers. If you want to spread God’s light in Alvarado and help on a Maranatha project, we would love to have you partner with us! Contact Don Bowersox at 817-219-3722 or or Chuck Easley at for more information.

By Terrie Bayless