Not By Bread Alone

February 21, 2023

ARLINGTON, TEX. – One of the leading ministries of the Ebenezer Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church in Arlington, Tex., is its food distribution program. Adventist community services director Dorkys Morales, along with volunteers Milagro Salamanca and Elizabeth Orozco, visit the local Panera Bread restaurant, Whole Food Market and Sprouts Farmers Market on a weekly basis to receive food donations that are then provided to the community. Although the food distribution takes place every Monday, the greatest impact happens on the fourth Monday when the Tarrant Area Food Bank truck delivers pallets of food enabling the church to serve 150 families.

Recently, the church began offering a devotional segment prior to the food distribution. While volunteers package and set up the food items on tables and carts, community members have the opportunity to listen to the Word of God presented by Leslie Soupet, assistant pastor. The general theme has been “Foods of the Bible,” through which the plan of salvation is creatively presented every week–the tree of Life in Eden (Creation and God’s original plan); Cain and Abel’s offerings (true and false worship); Noah’s Ark (God’s Plan of Salvation); Mannah in Israel (the Sabbath); Jesus (Bread of Life); etc. 

Occasionally, arrangements are made for guest speakers or musicians to present the devotional thought or bring a mini-concert. Community members are receptive to the messages and often stay by to ask questions or individual prayers, or to express their appreciation. As a result of sharing the Word of God, several have expressed their desire to study the Bible. Plans are being made to offer a weekly Bible seminar in a group setting this year.

We praise the Lord for receptiveness to the Word of God and for the work the Holy Spirit is doing in the hearts of the listeners. 

By Leslie Soupet, Pastor