Nursing with Love and Compassion

April 10, 2024

BURLESON, TEX. – In the world of health care, there are nurses who are not only experienced and knowledgeable, but also touch the lives of patients with love and compassion. One of those nurses is Irma Kemp, RN, BSN, a recent winner of The Daisy Award, which recognizes nurses for their dedication and hard work.

Kemp’s journey in health care has been a spiritual blessing. “I feel deep gratitude for having the privilege to care for and witness humanity at its most vulnerable,” said Kemp. Her inspiration to become a nurse came from her aunt, a nurse whom she viewed as an angel in her white dress uniform. Kemp wanted to be an angel of healing too.

Throughout her career, Kemp has had many experiences that reaffirm her dedication to her job. One of those experiences involved a patient with HIV who felt isolated and feared by others. Kemp’s compassionate care touched the patient’s heart and made him smile, proving that love and understanding can overcome fear. “The smile he had after I spoke with him was the best reward I had that day,” said Kemp.

When asked for advice for aspiring nurses, Kemp emphasized the importance of following one’s heart and being prepared for unexpected challenges. “Expect the unexpected, stay humble and show compassion for the patient, regardless of who they are,” she said. “Everybody needs a word of love.”

Kemp’s dedication and inspiring stories serve as a reminder of the impact one nurse can have on the life of a patient. 

By Jasmine Garcia-Zamora
Communications Specialist