Oklahoma Music Fest

Schools Gather to Worship God
May 7, 2020

TULSA – On Feb. 16, the annual Oklahoma Conference Music Festival took place at Tulsa Adventist Fellowship, featuring Adventist schools from across Oklahoma. This year each school was given 20 minutes to perform and show their musical talents. 

If you weren’t there, you missed an incredible blessing. After the program, some guests commented: “It was the best program in some time” and “The program was very multicultural with the Zomi and Korean students singing in their languages, and there were schools that incorporated sign-language into their performance.” I want to thank all of the parents for giving up their long weekend so that their children could participate. I also want to thank the teachers and music directors for the time they put into working with the students.

A huge thank you to the Tulsa Adventist Fellowship Church sound and tech crew for the countless hours that they put into making the program a success! And lastly, I would like to thank the students themselves for the job well done!

By Carol Thomas