Open Way, Narrow Range

Cowboy and Biker Camp is Oct. 1-3
August 17, 2021

BURLESON, TEX. – The Southwestern Union’s 11th Annual Cowboy and Biker Camp, themed “Open Range, Narrow Way,” will be held Oct. 1-3, 2021, at the Southwest Region Conference’s Lone Star Camp in Athens, Tex.

The Cowboy Biker Camp was the creation of Helvis C. Moody, young adult and youth ministries director and prayer ministries coordinator for the Southwestern Union, when he was a local pastor for the Southwest Region Conference, and began in 2008. “This is a unique group of people who may not normally interact with each other and who run in different groups in our society. The Cowboy Biker Camp gives these groups a chance to get to know God and Christians in a different kind of environment, and to enjoy fellowship and worship together. We invite anyone who has an interest in horses or ‘iron horses,’ motorcycles, to join us,” says Moody.

According to Moody, many different groups have been attending the camp, including chapters from the Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry group, Adventist Motorcycle Ministry, bikers from Hammond, Baton Rouge and Alexandria, La., and another group called the 3 AM Riders, who provide a scholarship to Southwestern Adventist University students and many others.

“At our last camp, two brothers rode their motorcycles 500 miles from Kansas to Athens, Tex. Needless to say, they won the long-distance riders competition,” says Moody.

The camp’s Sabbath tradition is to spotlight ministries, where each ministry is given the opportunity to share their opportunities and testimonies. According to Moody, the number of bikes has begun to outnumber horses, but campers love to ride the horses to church and participate in a camp rodeo. There is also a motorcycle show, where trophies are given as awards for different classes at this family-oriented event which has more than 200 in attendance each year.  

“The Lord has been blessing this event. If you haven’t experienced it, I challenge you to come and check it out,” says Moody. For more information or to register, contact the Southwestern Union at 817.295.0476 and speak with Helvis C. Moody or Melisa Mauk.

By Jessica Lozano

Communication Director