Original Musical Premieres in Joshua

June 11, 2024

JOSHUA, TEX. – Joshua Adventist Multi-grade School (JAMS) students premiered the musical “Abigail” at the Joshua Seventh-day Adventist Church on Feb. 3, 2024. The musical was composed by Joshua church member Carol E. Slider, who also co-directed it alongside  JAMS Principal Carol Schneider.
The musical was developed from 1 Samuel 25. Abigail is mentioned three other times in First and Second Samuel. She is remembered for having used kindness and grace to thwart the rash decision of David to kill innocent people, even as she faced the wrath of her hostile husband, Nabal.
The key performers included Ellie Mullinix as Abigail and Judah Dyche as David. Austin Norris played Nabal. Ivan Ilyenko played David’s military man, Abishai. Leilani Stowell was an accompanist, and Debby Smith was a flutist. Isaac Heath, Joshua church pastor, played the part of Samuel. The 60 costumes were sorted, designed and altered by Cynthia Harbour and Irene Dennison Herr. The students sang nine musical selections interspersed within the dialogue.
The story’s theme reminded us that God has a plan for each of us. If we wait upon Him, He will bring His will into our lives and work out His purpose for us. He is our refuge in all situations.

By Irene Dennison Herr