Partnering With Sahmyook and River Plate Adventist Universities

February 21, 2023

KEENE, TEX. – In November, Southwestern Adventist University President Ana Patterson signed agreements with Sahmyook University President Il Mok Kim and River Plate Adventist University President Horacio Rizzo. Kim traveled from Seoul, South Korea, and met Patterson on Southwestern Adventist University’s campus for the signing event. Patterson, this year’s guest commencement speaker for River Plate Adventist University, traveled to Libertador San Martin in Argentina, to sign the agreement with Rizzo. The three Universities, accredited by the Seventh-day Adventist Accrediting Association, are collaborating to enrich their educational experiences for students and professors.

“Southwestern Adventist University is honored to partner with Sahmyook University to expand opportunities for international education and research for students and faculty through the exchange agreement. We look forward to pursuing opportunities that enhance the academic experience through collaboration,” said Southwestern Adventist University President Patterson.

Thinking academically, strategically and spiritually, Kim, president of Sahmyook University, said that, “the Universities have the same mission and goal. This is the global age, so we need global cooperation so [we] can accomplish academic advancement and spiritual revival together.” Sahmyook University launched last year the International Society for Academic Advancement (ISAA) “to revitalize academic exchanges and cooperative networks among 120 Adventist universities worldwide” according to its website.

Patterson said about her invitation to River Plate Adventist University: “It was my honor to accept the invitation to participate in the graduation ceremony for River Plate Adventist University in Argentina and to sign an agreement that encourages academic collaboration, expands educational opportunities and furthers the relationship between sister institutions. We share a common mission to provide quality Adventist Education as a form of ministry to serve the world.”

The River Plate Adventist University press release reported: “With this agreement, the academic cooperation will be fomented, contemplating the exchange of teachers and students, sponsoring tasks together in the research field and in service of the Seventh-day Adventist Mission.”

Southwestern Adventist University is grateful for the opportunity to broaden its mission globally for its students and professors to increase in knowledge, faith and service through these partnerships.


By Michelle Bergmann, Freelance Writer