Pathfinders Receive Training

Tulsa Twisters Learn First Aid and Safety Skills
May 7, 2020

TULSA – On Jan. 19, 2020, the Tulsa Twisters Pathfinder Club hosted its 6th annual area-wide First Aid Day for about 60 Pathfinders. The Pathfinders listened to presentations on a variety of topics including strokes, poison safety, frostbite, hypothermia, heat stroke, electrical shocks, seizures and fire safety.  

The Pathfinders then rotated to nine different stations and practiced the information they had just learned. Fire safety, how to use a fire extinguisher, poison treatment, rash identification, insect and animal bites, splinting, rescue carries, CPR and stroke recognition were a few of the stations provided. Each of the stations had real life scenarios where Pathfinders had to use everyday objects to help the victims. Some stations had “victims” with fake wounds and the Pathfinders had to triage the victims while remembering their own safety in these difficult scenarios.  

It was a great morning with lots of learning and practice assessing first aid situations. 

By Glenda Sweezey