Pioneer Christian School Canvassing

October 24, 2023

GUYMON, OKLA. – Pioneer Adventist Christian School (PACS) in Guymon, Okla., offers grades Kindergarten through 8th. PACS students are canvassing to raise funds for their school. The students are sharing the good news of salvation, forgiveness and grace with the neighborhoods around Guymon,and are starting at the young age of five!

Even in the heat of the Oklahoma summer, these students had a positive experience! “We canvassed in a nice, quiet neighborhood. There were a lot of big houses. But the days we canvassed were hot and we were sweaty. As my partner, Hoih Hoih, and I were walking from house to house, there was an almost barren park. Hoih Hoih loved the place immediately. We met some great people in the houses around the park,” says Chris Lian, a student at PACS. “We did not stay long in the neighborhood, but the neighborhood was great! Most of the people who opened their doors were very nice people. But not many people had the interest to buy a book. Even though discouraged, there were connections. We met a lot of amazing seniors and youth.”

It’s always a blessing to hear how Adventist education is impacting our local Oklahoma communities and spreading the love of Christ throughout Oklahoma.

By Amy Ward and Chris Lian