Practical Guide to Next-Level Gift Giving

October 25, 2023

The Bible has myriad verses on giving to others, which emphasizes how important it must be. Words like, “…It is more blessed to give than to receive” in Acts 20:35 are easy to recite but can be harder to practice. While giving gifts may come more naturally to some than to others, the ideas below can help make a gift giver out of anyone.

Always Be Listening

Attention spans tend to be short, and it seems like most conversations consist of thinking through what to say next. But, if you take the time to truly listen (even when the other person may not think you are or even if they aren’t talking to you directly), then you’d be surprised how many gift ideas you can pick up. If you think you’ll have trouble remembering, consider writing them down as soon as possible or creating a gift idea list online (Amazon, for instance). 

Really Think About the Receiver

Giving a gift based on a hobby or interest is perfectly fine. In fact, most receivers would be happy to get something like that. In being a next level gift giver, though, it’s important to really think about who you’re giving to. For instance, if it’s your wedding anniversary and your spouse loves flowers then a bouquet is a good gift; however, a paper flower bouquet inscribed with your wedding vows might be even better.

Build Around a Theme

To aid in the gift giving process, a theme acts as a kind of focus that will guide your search. Instead of checking items off a wish list or browsing for something generic, building around a theme can breathe life into your gifting efforts and add meaning to what you find. The recipient is sure to love anything you give them with love, but how much more will the gift be appreciated when they see the extra energy put into it? 

Be a Grateful Gift Receiver

This may seem contradictory, but being a good gift receiver is a vital part of the gifting process. How would your recipient feel if they see how excited you are to give your gift, yet you don’t show the same excitement when getting the gift they have for you? Joy begets joy and people will notice how you act when on the receiving end. Be a grateful receiver and they will be, as well!

The only perfect gift ever given was Jesus’s sacrifice for us so that we might have eternal life with Him. There are ways, however, for us to be better gift givers while we wait for His return. By always listening for ideas, thinking about who your gift recipient really is, building around a theme and being an excited, grateful receiver yourself, you can take your gift giving skills to the next level. 

By Jason Busch
Record Writer