Preparing the Next Generation of Preachers

April 26, 2022

OKLAHOMA CITY – The annual youth preaching challenge, “I Preach for Him,” took place in Oklahoma City on Jan. 15 at two different locations with a total of nine participants. The last two years had been held virtually, but this year we had the opportunity to host the event in person. The Oklahoma City Central Seventh-day Adventist Church hosted five participants who preached in English while the Oklahoma City Central Hispanic Church hosted four participants who presented in Spanish. 

The theme for this year’s challenge was “Reflecting Jesus,” based on the passage of each presenter’s choosing. Each participant had 15 minutes to present their sermonette in front of a live audience. They were evaluated on various parameters by several of the area pastors. Each preacher was awarded a special certificate of recognition, an Amazon gift card and plaques for the top three places in each language. Most of the participants were preaching for the first time and were very nervous. However, after they finished, they felt a sense of joy and accomplishment, displaying big smiles. The objective of this program is to encourage and empower young people to preach biblical messages, reminding them that God can use them, even at a young age. Our desire is that they would continue to accept future speaking opportunities and grow their gift. 

By Yesenia Ortega