Pursuing Christ

Stories from Student Week of Prayer
December 21, 2020

KEENE, TEX. – Southwestern Adventist University held its annual Student Week of Prayer from Oct. 5-9, featuring messages from members of the SWAU family who spoke on the theme, Pursue. 

Kyle Barrow shared that he realized he had done good for selfish desires rather than keeping his relationship with Christ at the center of his motives. Barrow called on students to reflect on their pursuits and appealed to them to give everything to God. 

As a recently returned student missionary, Kayla Goodman shared about her time in Pohnpei. She was able to witness and experience God’s goodness as He transformed her life. Although Kayla couldn’t finish her year as a missionary due to the global pandemic and has experienced reverse culture shock, God has continued to work in her life. 

Ivan Franco shared about his journey with depression, sharing that nothing can stop people from receiving blessings from God, despite their conditions. 

“This has been a powerful week on campus,” shared Russ Laughlin, vice president for spiritual development. “Usually we bring a guest speaker to campus in the fall for our Week of Prayer. Due to the pandemic, we felt like it would be best to have our students speak. What a blessing! Each student’s message was biblical, practical and powerfully delivered.” 

These are highlights of three of the nine messages shared during this semester’s Week of Prayer. To watch each powerful message from Student Week of Prayer, visit www.SWAU.edu/live. 

By Brisa Ramirez

Social Media Manager