Road to Nursing Career

Student Financial Services Is Resource to SWAU Students
March 8, 2021

KEENE, TEX. – David Hernandez, Class of 2015, started his journey at Southwestern Adventist University about $1,000 short of his first payment. He spoke to Duane Valencia, Assistant Vice President for Student Financial Services, who helped David find a scholarship.

At the beginning of every year, David found himself back in Valencia’s office with financial concerns. Valencia took the time to go over the details of David’s current financial aid and needs, providing support and resources.

All this was not without effort and hard work on David’s part, who worked during the school year and summer. The combination of his earnings, matching funds from financial aid and scholarships from generous donors helped him earn enough to pay his tuition.

David Hernandez is just one example of the support given by the SWAU Department of Student Financial Services. This department is a resource for future and current students seeking scholarships or advice over their financial aid options. David now works as a COVID-19 crisis response nurse in Houston, Tex. He’s thankful for his time at SWAU and for the help that made it financially possible for him to continue his studies every semester. He remembers thinking how difficult it would be to raise the funds needed.

“If you want to commit to something, it’s possible. You have to put in the work and God will do the rest,” he shares. More information about financial services can be found at

By Brisa Ramirez Social Media Manager