Seasons of Ministry

Through Each Season, God Provides A Bountiful Harvest
October 29, 2020

TYLER, TEX. – Carl F. George, noted church growth consultant, once shared that “Seventh-day Adventists have a highly mobile clergy.” As I started my ministry, moving from one church to another, it was hard leaving behind church friends and also unfinished plans. Later, I learned that the Holy Spirit was present wherever I was going and He would help the churches flourish.

In my first season of ministry, I gave Bible studies to interests and invited evangelists to have meetings in my district. They put on three meetings, about one a year. We were blessed with several baptisms each time.

In my second season, I added evangelistic meetings in which the laymen presented the topics, with Bible studies given by members. I also added pastoral counseling with couples and others who wanted a helping hand.

In my third season, I sought to share Jesus more effectively in my sermons. I integrated the lay leaders as a key part of ministry, which enhanced both outreach and in-reach in a multi-church district. I appreciate my leaders who carry on the ministry when I am not able to be present.

In my fourth season, I added mentoring young pastors, so they can carry on the work of ministry even better.

During each season, God, through His Holy Spirit, continued to provide a harvest of souls for His kingdom. Claiming Acts 1:8, God gives power for witnessing through His Holy Spirit, to a pastor, a professional evangelist or a lay evangelist, in all districts and in all states and in all the seasons of ministry!

By Richard Rose, Pastor