Seeking Unity Through Humility

April 11, 2023

Matthew 18:19-20 offers profound insight for carrying out ministry in church and school settings. Jesus said when two or three people agree on something and pray and ask God for it, He will grant the request. “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

That’s a pretty amazing promise for church and school ministries. God promises to give you what you ask for. However, we must examine the promise’s context carefully. This is about doing ministry together in unity of mind and purpose, for Jesus’ sake and in accordance with His will. That is, when a group as small as two or three or large, and agree, have the same mind, feelings and opinion about the arrangements of affairs in the church or school and about things desired for its welfare, and shall ask of God, it shall be done for them. It is assumed that after much prayer and seeking God’s direction, in harmony with His name or character they ask humbly and in unity, the promise shall be fulfilled.

We see here the need to put any selfish agenda aside and listen to each other’s thoughts. We should prayerfully come together in agreement and bring it to God. The context of these verses shows the importance of working together with others for a common purpose. It implies that more can be done together, that we are better together, that we need each other, and that more harmony is better for ministry. There is synergy that happens that cannot happen when we work alone. There are no Lone Rangers in Christ’s church and ministries. Jesus is especially among us when we seek to serve together and agree on a common goal.

Whatever ministry God may be calling you to do, find others to join you and seek agreement on a common goal or purpose. We are better together.

By James Shires