Showing Appreciation

Pathfinders Provide Gift Bags to Local Sheriff’s Office
June 10, 2021

MOUNTAIN VIEW, ARK. – The Mountain View Pathfinders’ most recent community service project was to show their appreciation to the Stone County Sheriff’s Office in Arkansas. Pathfinders first filled gift bags full of snacks and drinks. They included cards with an encouraging note and Bible verse that were signed by each of the Pathfinders. Then the gift bags were carried to all the county deputies in the Sheriff’s office.

Chief Deputy Dammon McGilton welcomed the visit, noting that most days he and his staff need snacks on hand in their vehicles. In fact, just the day before, he worked a very long shift without the opportunity to stop and eat for twelve hours. He sighed, “I wish I had one of these bags yesterday. I could have really used it.”

McGilton then gave an unexpected tour around the department and certain portions of the jail. He spoke about the importance of making wise choices as a young person and his life as a deputy. Pathfinders also met other personnel of the department and investigators from the state police.

Most of the Mountain View Pathfinders have close relatives or friends who previously served as deputies in this same department and are aware of some of the challenges of law enforcement. Long hours, lack of food and drink and difficult situations can really take a toll. Pathfinders wanted to show their gratefulness for their incredible service to the community. This community service project turned into a memorable experience and the Pathfinders look forward to doing this project again.

By Esther M. Doss