Soles for Souls

Baton Rouge Berean Church’s Shoe Giveaway
May 7, 2020

BATON ROUGE, LA. – The Baton Rouge Berean Seventh-day Adventist Church recently held a shoe drive and giveaway, giving away dozens of shoes to people in need in our community. 

There was an overwhelming response of shoe donations in every size. When the day finally came for a successful giveaway, the youth and young adults of the church waved signs and stood at strategic points bellowing their welcome. Some shoppers drove their vehicles onto the parking lot while others walked from nearby. One gentleman whose wife was left in the car minding the four sleeping children made three trips, each time leaving with an armful full of shoes. 

“I thought the second trip was the last one only to have her remind me that the children needed more than just school shoes,” he said. “The last trip is for me on my job” as he found two pairs of work shoes and a pair of athletic ones. A female shopper wandered in from the neighborhood and found shoes for her three children. Not only did the ministry provide the physical but also the spiritual as team members prayed with shoppers, passed out reading materials along with a card announcing church days and times; and of course, gave a verbal invitation. A really late sprinkle put a literal damper on things as we scurried to break down tables and salvage what little was left of the event that saw its ‘charm’ with the second attempt. The two and a half hour ministry had resulted in a giveaway of 75 pairs of shoes that hopefully has its wearers walking a little bit prouder. We praise God for the success of this ministry.  

By Evelyn M. Edwards