Summit Ridge Village Welcomes 2024

April 10, 2024

HARRAH, OKLA. – Summit Ridge Seventh-day Adventist Church bid farewell to 2023 and welcomed the New Year with a special communion service followed by an agape feast on the evening of Dec. 31, 2023. The service was filled with exceptional selections of special music from church members Larry Blewett, Dolly Johnson and Suann Anderson, as well as a few friends from Oklahoma Academy. Jim Miller and Carol Johnson provided accompaniment for the singers on the organ and piano. 

Harvey Kornegay, who recently retired as ministerial director from the Indiana Conference and has joined us at Summit Ridge, shared an inspiring message. He reminded us all that Jesus chose us to love and save, and now we must choose Him. The service concluded with everyone receiving a tea light candle and singing “Go Light Your World,” led by Tito Magluyan with his daughter, Jade.

Naomi Tricomi, who recently retired from ministry in West Virginia before moving to Summit Ridge, orchestrated the evening’s service, as well as a short program following the agape feast. 

Everyone then carried their lights into the fellowship hall for the agape feast. A hard-working group led by Melvina Wahl had organized a beautiful and delightful feast of bread, soup, fruit and nuts. The tables were arranged in the shape of a cross with a few extra tables to accommodate all the guests. 

Barbara Gepford, who had grown up right here on her parents’ farm, swimming in the Summit Ridge ponds with her siblings, shared the story of her father receiving a clear message from God that he was to donate this 90-acre portion of his farm to the Oklahoma Conference, specifically for the purpose of creating what is now Summit Ridge Village Retirement Center. It was a delight to hear many of the interesting details surrounding this incredible and inspiring story. Barbara and her husband, Dode, now have a home here in the Village. 

April McNeil then shared an original poem written for the occasion entitled “What Is God Thinking?” elaborating on the notion that whether we feel like we’re up to it or not, here we are at this historic hour in earth’s history. God has each one of us right here, right now for a reason, and we need to ask Him what He has in mind for us every day. 

Then, Charlene Van Vliet, Yvonne Blewett, Donita Lawless and Melvina Wahl all shared favorite Bible verses to take us into the year to come. The evening concluded with everyone singing “When We All Get to Heaven.” Aren’t we all looking with intense longing for that glorious day when Jesus will return for each one of us?

By April McNeil