Tears of Praise

Gratitude for God’s Providence in Difficult Times
March 8, 2021

HOUSTON, TEX. – During the year 2020, humanity suffered many challenges and difficulties, including the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, loss of jobs, loss of loved ones and a change of attitude.

Our local community was not the exception. Although we experienced the same things that others were facing, there were some whose faithfulness was of paramount importance.

For many, Christmastime was a time of utmost need unlike other years. But Samaritans who had more than others helped those in need.

Local Houston businesses Pablo’s Restaurant and Hola Tu Magazine desired to make seven families happy by providing some monetary relief. Four of the recipients were members of our church. Three were single mothers who received $1,000 each.

One was Iris Herrera, who was going through a very difficult time as she tried to survive. Iris wept and praised God for what she received. Between sobs and tears she said, “God only knows what I’ve gone through and He rewards me in this way.”

Waterman Stephens, a veteran who served in the armed forces and is a member of the Fondren Southwest Seventh-day Adventist Worship Center, was also surprised.

Stephens had lost his place to live during the pandemic and was living in a church member’s apartment, meanwhile helping others in the food bank pantry in the church.

He also wept and praised the Lord for this wonderful gift received during the holiday season. In tears of disbelief he said, “Pastor, I have been fighting day by day, if it were not for my church family, who knows where I would be now. But God is faithful. Praise be to the Lord!”

These were emotional moments as we testified that when we are faithful, God rewards us, and while our faith keeps growing, God continues to do wonderful things in our life.

By Oswaldo Hernandez Stewardship Director