Thank You for the Gift

October 27, 2022

November and December are two amazing months for reflection and rejoicing. Frankly, most of us should do this much more often at this season of the year. Nevertheless, it is always good to reflect on the goodness and greatness of God.

I want to publicly thank the Lord for the greatest gift He has ever given me: Jesus! I know of no greater or more important gift than the Savior. He has become my Friend and Brother beyond anything else in this world. He and I walk together. And as we walk, He is patient, gracious and loving.

Because of that gift, and my walk with Him, I most assuredly thank Him for my beautiful wife. What a gift from God! She has been my strength and encouragement. My partner through thick and thin. Through her wisdom, she has been able to be frank and share the most honest, trustworthy insights when I need it most. 

I thank God for the gift of an incredible set of parents. The Lord blessed me with two sets, one at birth, and another when I got married. What a blessing! They are not perfect, but their love, guidance, encouragement and dedication have helped me to keep moving forward and not give up, but reach for new possibilities.

I thank the Lord for grandparents that always were loving, gracious, fun and supportive. What an amazing group to help me have perspective and keep a bright vision.

I thank the Lord for my siblings, both biological and adopted. God gave a wonderful gift to spur on fun, excitement and the understanding to care and share for life.

Another gift that is extremely precious are my children! I am proud of them. I know of no greater joy than children. Each one of them brings their own unique ideas, outlook and understanding. I have learned from them all.

And if children are amazing, grandchildren are outstanding. I know of no greater gift from the Master, to keep us energized, focused and seeing what the future holds. Our four grandchildren definitely know how to make my day! What a treasure! What a gift!

One of the most remarkable gifts for me, a precious gift that God has blessed me with, is my staff. What a great blessing! Each of them brings a wealth of experience, perspective and vision.

In addition to the staff, I praise God for the gift of fellow teachers and preachers who share in the challenge to share Jesus Christ each and every day! Their dedication and friendship are lifelong. What a treasure Heaven and the new earth will be because of the gift of these friends!

And finally, I reflect on the powerful gift of the church. God’s people are amazing! Their kindness and enthusiasm are warm and winsome. I have been immensely blessed by their love, their heart and their joy.

You have read just a few of the gifts that I praise the Lord, which are the outgrowth and the design of the first gift, the gift of Jesus. May each one of you take time to come up with your list beginning with the greatest gift God has ever given.

By Richard C. Dye, Sr.