The Daring Escape

March 3, 2020

Kalila and Shadow are two furry friends. They like to lie in the sun and take long naps in the yard. Kalila barks deeply whenever she hears anyone in the street. She wants to let her family know there are strangers outside and they should be on alert. Shadow likes to throw her head back and let out loud and long howls when she hears a siren. Sometimes she even likes to hop on top of her dog house to howl with more precision. These two gals are happy pals.

Every morning Kalila and Shadow’s mom and dad let them out to go potty and stretch their legs after a long cozy night’s sleep. They know that after a few minutes outside, mom or dad will come to the door and let them inside for a special treat, their morning biscuit! Afterwards mom and dad go to work and the pups wait for their family to come home and play with them in the afternoon. This is their routine, every morning and every night. They know it by heart!

One morning, after a nice run around the yard, the back door swung open and Kalila and Shadow came barreling into the house as they do every day. It was doggy biscuit time! However, as they came around the corner on their way to their doggy nooks, they found a tempting surprise. The front door was wide open! It only took them a second to decide running freely down the neighborhood would be a much better choice than doggy biscuits that day. With the front door accidentally left open, Kalila and Shadow made a mad dash on a daring adventure. 

They bolted down the street, sniffing new smells and darting back and forth between each neighbor’s yard. So much excitement and no leash to hold them back. Down one sidewalk they went! Then another! They leapt over flower beds and inhaled the fresh morning air. After a few blocks they came across a wide open field with no pesky cars or mailboxes to impede their course. They picked up speed–this long path would not be wasted! The soft earth under their paws carried them forward and the wind stroked their fur. As they delightfully and carelessly ran, their keen sense of hearing alerted them to a familiar sound… “Kaliiiiiiiilaaaaaa! Shaaaaadooooooow!”

Mom was at the other end of the field calling out for her pups. They knew that voice! They knew those names! They knew who was calling them home! Quickly Kalila and Shadow ran back up the field, right into mom’s arms and then into the family car! Exploring was fun, but mom and dad’s love is way better than any adventure. When they got home, the tired pups snuggled up in their beds with their doggy biscuits in tow and settled down to dream about their morning journey.

Isaiah 43:1 says, “I have summoned you by name; you are mine,” and John 10:3 tells us, “He calls His own sheep by name and leads them out.” Jesus knows your name and says that you belong to Him. Jesus loves you so much, He wants to keep you close to His heart. No matter what situation you find yourself in, listen for Jesus’s voice, because He is always right there ready to take you in His arms and walk with you.

By Kristina P. Busch, Managing Editor and Kalila and Shadow's Mom